Virtual Learning

January 12, 2023

CES Parents/Guardians,

No winter in Indiana would be complete without school closings due to weather.  As the threat of inclement weather grows more imminent, this letter is to remind you of changes to our inclement weather procedures for this year.  Our change to virtual (synchronized) learning on inclement weather days will ensure our students continue to have access to high quality, educational services should our school close.

Due to changes in state requirements, specifically passage of Indiana Code 20-43-1-34, if there is inclement weather requiring school to close, CES students in grades 1-6 will not have elearning days this year, instead teachers will conduct Virtual Instruction Days.  Virtual Instruction Days are defined as instruction that is provided in real-time, but teachers and students are in different physical spaces.  Simply put, the law is expects students to be online receiving instruction in real time, with teachers and peers. Furthermore, to be counted as a school day, Virtual Instructional Days schedules must include a minimum of 150 minutes. 

We recognize that this model is different from years past.  While our hope is that most students are able to join teachers during instructional times in the morning, teachers will communicate a plan with parents on how to proceed if their child cannot join in real time.  As in the past, all students will need to complete assigned instructional activities in order for students' attendance to reflect that they are “Present” for the day and receive credit assignments.  

Teachers will conduct 150 total minutes of instruction.  130 minutes will be in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math or Science/Social Studies.  20 minutes of the day will be spent in “specials” (art, music, PE, or library)  Your child will access their instructional activities through Google Classroom.

CES understands that some homes and students have limited wifi capabilities.  While grade level instructional times are in the morning, start time and end times have been staggered to reduce the wifi bandwidth required for homes with multiple students.

Prior to our first virtual instruction day, teacher will re-communicate their Virtual Instruction schedules to parents/students.  In addition, should your child not be able to join in real time, teachers will send a reminder about how your child(ren) can complete instructional activities.  Failure to complete activities may result in your child(ren) being counted absent for the day.

Because this legislation only pertains to students in grades 1-6, Kindergarten students will have a plan that includes students working on instructional activities at home, and are not required to participate in online instruction on these days.  These students can contact their teacher during predetermined office hours.  These hours will be communicated directly to parents.

CES has already scheduled traditional elearning days on February 6 and April 10.  On these days, students will participate in traditional elearning activities, and will find all of their work posted to Google Classroom by 9:00am.   These are the only elearning days CES will have during the 2022-23 school year.  All additional school closures will be Virtual Instruction Days.

This instructional model is new for our teachers and students alike.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we make this transition.  Our amazing staff have already been planning to help make this transition as smooth as possible, and will be communicating specific details with parents and students soon.  

Please reach out to your child’s teacher or the office if you have questions or need assistance in regards to Virtual Instruction days.  We look forward to continuing to provide high quality instruction to all students, even in the face of inclement weather.  


Roy Hufford

CES Principal