Registration Information

Parents/Guardians - Important notes for online registration - 

New Students (did not attend Carroll at the end of last school year and did not attend KG roundup) please contact the school office to make an appointment to enroll.

Carroll Elementary… 574-967-4881

Carroll Jr-Sr High School… 574-967-4113

Returning Students (attended Carroll at the end of last school year or attended KG roundup)

Before registration opens…

  • Please test your Harmony login ahead of time to make sure you can get in

    • Go to

    • Enter your username and password

    • Once you get logged in, you may only see a “temporarily disabled” message until registration is open, but if you see that message – and your student(s) name(s) at the top of the page – you should be in good shape

    • If you forget your password, use the “Forgot my password” link

    • If you forget your username, you can either create a new account or contact Fred Schnarr ( to try to recover your previous username

After registration opens…

  • Log in to Harmony (

  • Scroll down to the “online registration” section

  • Work your way down through the list

    • Note: the Demographics page opens in a new tab… once you make any updates and submit that information, you can just close that tab to return to the Harmony online registration page

  • At the JH and HS level, be sure to check your student’s schedule to make sure it is complete and accurate.  If any changes need to be made, please contact the Guidance Office (574-967-4113)

  • If you wish to apply for textbook assistance, please visit to complete the application

    • Note: all students will receive free breakfast and lunch again this school year, but it is still important to apply for benefits if you believe you qualify… this is required in order to receive textbook assistance and/or P-EBT benefits.

  • If you wish to make online payment for textbooks and fees, scroll down to that section and complete the necessary information.  You may also send a check to the school instead of an online payment.  See this note about collection for unpaid textbook rental fees and lunch debt.

  • Notifications… scroll to the very bottom to setup notification options for grades, discipline, attendance, etc.

  • If you have additional children, scroll back up to the top, select the next name, and repeat these steps.

  • If you need to add additional children, contact the school office or Fred Schnarr ( to obtain a code to add that child.

    • Note: parents/guardians of KG students should have an email from 7/29/2021 that provides the code to add their new KG student.

After completing these steps on Harmony, please be sure to visit the appropriate registration documents page to see if there is any other paperwork that needs completed.  These documents may be mailed to the school or sent to school with your child.

If you do not have internet access, or require significant assistance in completing online registration, please contact the school office to make an appointment to complete registration at the school.