Testing & Graduation Data

ISTEP+ is given in grades 3-8. The following table shows what curricular areas are tested at what grade level:

Grade Level Subject Areas included on ISTEP+
3 ELA, Math
4 ELA, Math, Sci
5 ELA, Math, SS
6 ELA, Math, Sci
7 ELA, Math, SS
8 ELA, Math

The following PDF's display ISTEP+ data since 2010 for each graduating class. Please note that this is a simple calculation from testing data; there is no consideration given to the number of days students are enrolled in Carroll Schools.


End of Course Assessments (ECA's)
ECA's are given at the end of Algebra 1 (Integrated Math 1 at Carroll), English 10, and Biology 1. The ECA's in Algebra and English are Graduation Qualifying Exams, meaning that students are required to pass those ECA's in order to graduate. The following PDF displays ECA data since 2010. Please note that this data puts first-time testers and re-testers all together in one simple calculation, and that different testing dates have a different number of students testing. For example, the spring testing usually involves the largest number of students, while winter and summer testing usually involve a much smaller number of students.

End of Course Assessments (ECA's)

ECA DataECA Data

Acuity is a set of tests that predicts a student's future performance on ISTEP+ or an ECA. These tests are given 3-4 times during the year, depending on the test. Earlier in the year, the tests assess some content from the previous year and some from the current year. As we move to later tests, the amount of material from previous years decreases and the amount of material from the current year increases. It is helpful to know that the standards tested at anytime throughout the year may not match the order that it is taught in our curriculum. This may result in lower scores through the year, but the obvious and ultimate goal is to have students well prepared for ISTEP+ and/or ECA testing at the end of the school year. Another benefit of Acuity tests is the data that teachers have access to. With this data provided throughout the year, teachers can see what areas individual students or groups of students may need to focus on for improvement.


***** Note: Some percentage totals may not equal 100 due to rounding. *****

Graduation Rate
The following PDF displays the graduation rate and the breakdown of types of diplomas awarded since the 2006-2007 school year:

Graduation Rate

Graduation RateGraduation Rate

Advanced Placement (AP)
Some students choose to take more challenging courses in various academic areas, with a goal of earning college credit with an end-of-course AP test. The following PDFs show the percent of students (out of those taking the course) earning a passing grade (at least 3 points on a 5-point scale) on the AP test in these academic areas. Years and classes with no data indicates that no students took the AP test in that area for that year. A few important notes regarding AP test scores:
  • these classes often have a small number of students, so a percentage of 67% may mean that there were only 3 students who took the test and 2 passed... a score of 0% may mean that 1 student took the test and did not pass.
  • these classes are a very challenging coursework... if 15 students take a particular AP course, but only 8 of them are truly ready for such coursework, then we will certainly see that show up in lower percentages on the test.
  • even if a student doesn't pass the AP test, going through this challenging coursework is still likely to benefit them when they get to college... making the corresponding college course that they take much easier, since they've had a "preview" of it already.

Advanced Placement (AP)

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