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Gas Leak in Burlington

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This information is for parents and families living in Burlington!

Due to a gas leak in Burlington, Carroll Co. 911 is did a mandatory evacuation of Burlington residents.  Around 12:30 P.M. we received notice that everything is all clear and our buses can deliver students homw in the PM.   Continue reading
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Lead and Water Testing In the News

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I wanted to take a moment to make sure all patrons understand Carroll Consolidated School Corporation is its own public water system.  Lead testing and water purity are important issues.  Both of these topics have been in the news a lot lately with problems in Flint, Michigan and Eastern Howard School Corporation. 

We have the water from our wells tested every three months.  We test for bacteria, volatiles from fuel, lead, and copper.  There is a set schedule determined by the State of what we test for and when.  We collect samples from 10-15 different spots across the campus.   IDEM always send the reports to us after every sample period and validates they were clean.  IDEM keeps a record of all tests on their website.  If we have an issue with a water sample test, we would notify you as a patron and a stakeholder.  This is required by law. 

In 2013-2014 we spent over $40,000 and updated the water delivery systems, iron filters, and lots of the piping that feeds water to both the elementary and the high school from the wells.  We take our duty to provide clean drinking water seriously.  We wanted to assure all patrons that testing is in place, and we monitor our own fresh water systems as required by law for all public water entities.  If you have any questions about our water systems or testing, please ask.  I’d be happy to answer these for you. 

Chris Lagoni

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Test Anxiety and Strategies to Overcome It

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Test Anxiety

In the following weeks students will be taking several performance assessments that contribute to their future academic success. Test anxiety is a common hindrance that many students experience. According to the American Test Anxieties Association about 16-20% of students have high test anxiety, while 18% experience moderately-high test anxiety. Test anxiety can cause an array of problems in students, such as headache, upset stomach, loss of focus and anger. The higher the anxiety the more it reduces working memory, confuses reasoning, increasing mistakes, and lowers test scores. Students with high anxiety perform around 12 percentile points below their low anxiety peers (about half of a letter grade below).  

Research has shown that providing students with tools and strategies can assist students in overcoming test anxiety.  Two easy steps to mitigating test anxiety are getting a good night’s rest and eating a healthy breakfast on the day of the test. Here are a few other strategies that can assist in minimizing test anxiety.  

1.     Set Reasonable Expectations: Remember to think about it as one test at a time. Set reachable goals. If you set goals that are hard to achieve, it will only cause frustration and lack of motivation.

2.     Address the what-if-questions: Before an exam we tend to have several negative “what-if” thoughts. “What if I fail?” or “What if I run out of time.” Try writing a what-if question that is positive which will reverse the negative self- talk. For instance, “What if I can remember more than I think I can?”

3.     Practice Relaxation Techniques: If you are becoming tense during the exam, take deep slow breathes and consciously relax your muscles, one at a time. This can refresh your body and will allow you to better focus on the exam.

For more strategies to combat test anxiety check out:


Also remember teachers and school counselors can be a great resource!


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Posted by on in Carroll CSC Blog Posts
CCSC is looking to move forward with a proposal to plan for a pre-kindergarten class for next year.  This pilot program will be focused on serving 4 year-old students from high poverty backgrounds.  We will require the students be qualified for the federal free and reduced  lunch program. We do not want to take students away from other area preschools.  Our intent is to serve the neediest students who are not served by any other preschool program in Carroll County.  Our limit will be 15 four-year old students.  These students will ride our buses and complete a full day at Carroll Elementary.  We will not be taking any students who are considered "paid" students based on federal free lunch guidelines.   

If you know a pre-kindergarten student who may qualify, call us at the Central Office.  967-4113.  We would like to establish a classroom of 15 confirmed students in the next month.  

Our plan and proposal is to fund this program for one year from parent self-pay, school rainy-day funds, and grants.   We will evaluate the merits of program and continue it based on its successes and measurable growth for students.  We have had meetings with Bauer Headstart and Delphi Community Schools to plan applications for some basic grants to support the concept of a pre-kindergarten program county wide.   We have met with some area churches and invited all to be part of this planning process.

Another goal is to create a unified literacy and math curriculum and assessment program for all pre-kindergarten students in the county.  Our dream is to create a cohesive database that will help track data for preschools and prekindergarten students to see how they grow beyond pre-k.   This could inform the practice of the preschool or prekindergarten classes.  It will also help the kindergarten teacher to have the same data from all preschools and programs in the county.  

I'm excited that this has been a cooperative effort between multiple stakeholders to get this off the ground.  We are truly making the effort to provide a program for our neediest students. 

Chris Lagoni
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CargillAg Donation

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Dear Parents,

In early March, we were contacted by representatives of CargillAg in Lafayette.  The let us know the saw the story about lunch account debt on WLFI.  They asked us if they could make a donation to cover the cost of the lunch fund debt.

Their motivation was to make sure all students received a lunch and were well fed.  After a few phones to their corporate superiors, they agreed to pay the lunch account debt for anyone who owed money on their lunch account as of that date in early March.  We ran a report of lunch account debt on that date and gave CargillAg a total number based on a snapshot of that day.  The amount changes daily.  The amount of the donation came to $3,330 and CargillAg asked the corporate office to send in the donation.  It took a few weeks for the donation to arrive.

The check was received by CCSC right before spring break.  We contacted the State to make sure we accepted the donation and received the funds in to the food service accounts in the correct manner.   Mrs. Taylor, our Food Service Director, has started to move the funds to individual accounts based on the amount owed in the early March.  If you owed lunch funds on March 3, 2016, you will probably see the donated funds show up on your Harmony Lunch Account balance over the next few weeks.  It will take Mrs. Taylor some time to do the individual transactions based on the way CargillAg wanted it applied.  We will follow CargillAg’s desire to pay off whatever debt was there based on the day we took the snapshot. 

We are so excited we live in a community that is so caring and willing to invest in our schools and students.  The families of CCSC truly benefit from this donation.   If you would like to send a note or card to CargillAg to thank them, their address is:

Lafayette, GOS
1502 Wabash Ave.
Lafayette, Indiana 47905 Continue reading
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